Erykah Badu Window Seat Controversy

Erykah Badu Window Seat Controversy

The Erykah Badu window seat controversy has a very strong connection the things that were recorded from the assassination of JFK. JFK’s assassination was one of the most unforgettable crimes in the country. Such event caused fear in the eyes of those individuals who witnessed it in the past. And most of the people who saw this assassination event in the past were the Dallas natives. In the music video of Eykah Badu which is related to the JFK’s assassination, a new controversy has been created as a form of insult to a Dallas native who was one of the witnesses in the crime scene.

Why Window Seat?

The title of the music video that was created Erykah Badu is window seat. The title of the music video has no connection to the idea of this controversy, but it sounds funny. Erykah Badu created the window seat music not only to insult the lady which is present in the video that was recorded in the crime scene. But also, the music video was created to make sure that the Eyrkah Badu window seat controversy will never be ignored by the public. This controversy simply explains to several people that Erykah Badu is really an insane individual.

The Controversy

This controversy serves as a proof that many people in this world nowadays are more interested on those things that are not really important. The window seat music video is a non sense accomplishment that makes Erykah Badu an irresponsible and immoral person who does not know how to respect the rights of the other people. There’s nothing wrong with the act of searching for happiness. But it must be executed in a good way to prevent several kinds of issues that can totally destroy the reputation and dignity of the other people.

The erykah badu window seat controversy is like a picture of the foolishness of several music video developers in the country nowadays. To create a music video is not an ordinary activity or hobby. Those people who want to product music videos should be very responsible at all times. To destroy the dignity and reputation of the other people is not an acceptable act. It’s punishable under the rules and policies that are included in the federal law. Failure to follow such rules and policies will lead to imprisonment and other types of punishments that will truly encourage the criminals to change their lives in a good way.
Hopefully one day, this controversy will already disappear in the list of the music videos that are available in the internet nowadays to make sure that the other experts in the digital world will no longer imitate the immoral act which is present in its background as a very unusual accomplishment. The authorities should not support Erykah Badu this time since the artist has committed a very big mistake in the industry. This controversy must be resolved in a legal way to make sure that it will never bring additional issues in the industry in the end.

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