Gabriel Iglesias Last Comic Standing Controversy


Who Is Gabriel Iglesias?

Gabriel J. Iglesias, who is professionally and comically called as Fluffy, is an actor, writer, comedian, voice actor and producer in the United States of America. The comedian is popular in the US for his programs entitled Hot & Fluffy and I’m Not Fat …. I’m Fluffy. He makes use of storytelling, sound effects and effected voices in his acts, whose additional trademarks include references regarding his weight and his utilization of Hawaiian shirts. In addition, Gabriel Iglesias has been coined by San Antonio Express News’ Hector Saldaña as a “comedy genius”.

Gabriel Iglesias’s Background

Prior to being a comedian, he worked in Los Angeles for a cellphone company. Even though his family advised him to stay in that career for financial security, Gabriel Iglesias insisted on trying out for a comedy act. When he realized that continuing to work for two careers is tough to manage, he made a decision to take the opportunity to perform comedy acts full-time, against his mother’s advice, who warned him against this decision. Despite that, he resigned with the cellphone company, which eventually caused him to being expelled from his home and lost his car. Regardless of what happened, Gabriel Iglesias still continued to pursue his comedian career.

He often mentions his weight during his acts, frequently stating that he is not fat, but fluffy – a term Gabriel Iglesias claims was well-known amongst overweight individuals during the 1940s. In addition, Gabriel Iglesias mentions a variety of “Levels of Fatness”, having depicted “Five Levels of Fatness” once, and finally adding another level in 2009 wherein he called it as “Oh, Hell no!”.

Last Comic Standing

In 2006, Gabriel Iglesias was one of the contestants in Last Comic Standing’s fourth season, a reality television series. He survived elimination on a weekly basis until he was among the final 8 comedians left in the contest. However, he was disqualified eventually for using a smuggled BlackBerry in order to communicate with his friends and family, which is obviously not allowed for it is amongst the reality TV series’ rules to not get in touch with other people outside the show.

For the final challenge of the Last Comic Standing, the contestants vote for a comedian they like to roast and they picked Gabriel Iglesias. Majority of the jokes revolved around the weight of Gabriel Iglesias. Once the jokes are finished and the contestants return to the boat, one of the contestants caught him speaking with outside people using a BlackBerry phone. This is not allowed since it is against the show’s rules to make use of any device in order to communicate with other people other than the house phone. After the Last Comic Standing’s producers took away his BlackBerry, he got another phone and continued to communicate. Because of this, the executive producers spoke with the comedian and told him that they had no choice but to disqualify him for breaking the regulations of the show. Hence, due to what occurred, Gabriel Iglesias was sent home and didn’t have the chance to win the Last Comic Standing!