Ishmael Beah Controversy

Ishmael Beah Controversy

The Ishmael Beah controversy is a result of all the mistakes of the author of the famous book which was entitled A Long Way Gone. The name of the author is Ishmael Beah who served as a child soldier in the whole story of the book. The stories that are present in the content of the book that was stated were really great and admirable. Some of its contents can really make a person cry with its very realistic scenes and special episodes that are full of unforgettable statements and actions that are embodying the personalities of the characters.

A Long Way Gone

In the whole story of the book which was entitled A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah shared the things that are considered as normal happenings in the daily living of a child soldier. The writer claimed in the book that the role of a child soldier in this world is not so easy to perform. The life of a child soldier is always full of challenges and unforgettable tests of fate that can weaken the emotional health and self-esteem of a person from time to time. Behind the wonderful story of this book, the readers will be surprised that the material symbolizes this controversy which is one of the latest issues in the country nowadays.

The book served as the best accomplishment of Ishmael Beah as a writer. And no other people in this world can deny the fact that it is really an excellent book. It will never be a bestseller piece in the market if its contents are not really interesting and entertaining in the eyes of the consumers. The book has successfully attained a very high sales rate in the market these past few days. And Ishmael Beah was very happy with this great achievement. However, when the authorities have successfully discovered the secrets of the Ishmael Beah controversy, the life of the writer became miserable.

So What’s The Controversy?

Anyway, what’s the real subject of this controversy? What was the main cause of the development of the controversy? Actually, there’s nothing wrong with the contents of the A Long Way Gone book which was created by Ishmael Beah. There’s nothing wrong also with the quality of its materials and features. The root of the controversy is present only in the characteristics and personality of its own writer. Everyone in this world commits mistakes, and Ishmael Beah is already one of those people who can never escape from the negative effects of mistakes.

The Ishmael Beah controversy was a result of a violation that was committed by Ishmael Beah while promoting the book of A Long Way Gone. The controversy has a very strong connection to a serious criminal case which is related to taxes and money. According to those people who know a lot of things about the background of Ishmael Beah, the writer failed to pay the standard amount of tax that the authorities must receive from the sales of the book that was stated. The controversy embodies the tax evasion case that was charged to Beah while promoting the book that was stated.

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