Jimmy Swaggart Controversy

Jimmy Swaggart Controversy

Jimmy Lee Swaggart was born on March 15, 1935, an American televangelist, author, musician teacher, pastor and Pentecostal. Through the weekly telecast he preached crowds from around the world. The said telecasts were being transmitted for over 3,000 cable system and station each week. He married Frances Anderson on October 10, 1952 and was gifted with one child named Donnie which was born October 18, 1954. He worked numerous of part time odd jobs for him to be able to support his family; he began the career for singing Southern Gospel music in various churches in their area.

The family lived in great poverty during 1950s as he kept on preaching throughout the rural area of Louisiana. Since they were too poor to even rent a home, they lived in small motels, pastor’s home and church basements. Then a time came Sam Philips, a popular Sun Recorder who does have the desire to start music out of gospel line as a label and he discovered Swaggart as their first ever gospel artist. Even if they were really struggling for poverty, he turned the offer stating that he was called for preaching the gospel.

In 1995, Swaggart began his full time evangelic work preaching from the flatbed trailer which was donated to him. He started going to Bible College in year1957 and developed revival meeting which follows throughout South America. In year 1960, he started recording an album of a gospel music which was being transmitted to radio Christian stations. He graduated the Bible College in year 1961 and ordained by Assemblies of God, a year after he started radio ministry.

During late 1960s, he started transmitting 30 minutes telecast through various local television station in Baton Rouge then local radio AM station which is WLUX and now known as WPFC. The said stations broadcast Christian stories, teaching and preaching from various black played gospel, inspirational music, Pentecostal denomination and fundamentalist. When the time comes that contemporary Christian music turn out to be much prevalent, stations avoided and stopped playing it. He sold gradually his stations throughout 1980s up to early 1990’s.

But his career fell down from its grace when an association to Debra Murphree a well known prostitute came out. The sexual scandal in the late 1980s then early 1990s led Assemblies of the God in defrocking him and temporary stepping down being the head of the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. His fall made harder scratching castigation of 2 more televangelist during the previous years and so on. He revealed that Marvin Gorman engaged into extramarital affair to a parishioner and Jim Bakker had an affair with Jessica Hann. The two both lost their lucrative careers and when their indiscretions were revealed, both of them fell. Marvin Gorman seems wanted a sweet revenge. He hired a private detective to investigate and follow what Swaggart is doing. It was Morgan who snapped out the photographs where Swaggart and Murphree was going in into a sleazy motel.

Aside from this controversy, Swaggart Also faced other controversies in the way he delivers his sermons.

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