Smothers Brothers Controversy

Smothers Brothers Controversy

Before the Smothers Brothers controversy, there were rich opportunities to Richard and Thomas in the industry. They both became very popular and people appreciated their presence in films, shows and television. Both of them can sing amusing songs, play up siblings rivalry, and interspersed with cool and light gags.

The Smothers Brothers

Smothers Brothers are Richard or “Dick” and Thomas “Tom” who were American comedians, musicians and singers. The trademark double acts of the brothers were more on folk songs that typically end up with arguments in between these siblings. Dick is skilled on string bass while Tommy is more on acoustic guitar. The signature line of Tommy was “Mom always liked you best!”

The brothers had appeared on TV variety shows in 1960s. They also issued various record albums of the stage performances they had and these became popular. They had their own TV variety show which was entitled “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”. It actually became a very controversial TV programs in America of the era Vietnam War.

Despite the success, the penchant of the brothers for materials that were sympathetic of emerging counterculture and critical of political mainstream ended up to firing in 1969 by CBS network. There was one show that remained unaired. After this Smothers Brothers controversy, they still continued working as a team and independently. They worked in films, on stage and on TV for the past years.

In 1967, they came up with a CBS variety show and it came with a challenging time slot. However, CBS still gave Tom with the full creative control and driving force of the show. Surprisingly, “The Smothers Brothers comedy hour” eventually became popular and interesting to the viewers.

This was the time when controversies started to step in as various satirical pieces were criticizing the Vietnam war and Johnson Administration. Network censors had cut and trimmed the entire skits for they were worried that they would the conservative public. This feud was brought to the show’s cancellation for the 4th season on technicality. Dick and Tom were able to sue CBS network for breach of contract. That was not the last appearance of the team on television. However, the brothers’ rabble-rousing days ended up.

Currently, the network sensors worry of the dwindling numbers of some unacceptable words of profanity as well as ensuring that nudity will be digitally obscured or blurred. The liberal agenda of the Smothers Brothers did not wash with the network executives who resisted sharing their own views.

After the Smothers Brother controversy, they still continue on their shows in which they became a part of different series. Some of the TV shows that they took part of are The Summer Brothers Smothers Show, The Smothers Brothers Show, The Tom and Dick Smothers Brothers Specials I and II.

In 1978, they starred in the replacement cast for Broadway musical satire of Michael Stewart, Cy Coleman and I Love My Wife on 1970 sexual revolution. It was directed by Gene Saks. These are only some of the shows that Tom and Dick starred.

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