Milli Vanilli Controversy

Milli Vanilli Controversy

Milli Vanilli was the name that once gave a big blast in the industry of entertainment. It was recognized internationally and caught the attention of many people across the world. Until one day, a big revelation was made by an author and it eventually erased the group from the list of the best singers. Milli Vanilli controversy had made a great noise in the industry and had changed the lives of these lead vocals.

Who Are Milli Vanilli?

Milli Vanilli refers to the dance project and R&B pop that was developed by Frank Farian in 1988 in Munich, Germany. This group had been formed with Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan. Its debut album Girl You Know It’s True had received an international success. In February 1990, it was awarded as the Best New Artist with a Grammy Award.

Milli Vanilli belonged to the most famous pop acts during the early 1990s and late 1980s. The group’s success led to infamy after the author of Los Angeles Times, Chuck Philips revealed that the lead vocals on a particular record were not actually the voices of Pilatus and Morvan. Their Grammy Award had been withdrawn immediately.

Rob of Milli Vanilli

The controversial death of Rob, a Milli Vanilli member, had refreshed the past regarding the Grammy scandal. Rob Pilatus’ death came to an unpleasant end in one of the hotel rooms in Germany. Even in his last breath, he was chased by controversies. He lived a life with conflicts and he stayed for several months in rehab and in jail due to 3 attacks that happened in Los Angeles. For some people, the only disgrace was the way Rob Pilatus died and not with Milli Vanilli itself.

The Rise and Fall

There were later developments that existed after the controversies. In year 2000, Morvan had been featured in the BBC documentary which was entitled ‘It Takes Two: The Story of the Pop Duo’. This was focused on musical duos. This duo were interviewed and featured in VH1 Behind the Music’s premier episode.

On February 2007, the Universal Pictures announced that it was creating a movie based on the rise and fall story of Milli Vanilli in the industry of music. Jeff Nathanson (screenwriter of Catch Me If You Can), Adam Yoelin (Producer Executive), and Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy (producers) were supposed to direct and write this film while Morvan to serve as the consultant. But in February 2011, there was an announcement that the movie for Milli Vanilli would be directed and rewritten by Florian Gallenberger.

In early 2014, Milli Vanilli’s actual singers (Linda and Jodie Rocco, Brad Howell and John Davis had filmed the in-depth interview along with Oprah: Where Are They Now producers for OWN TV. This show was aired on 21st of February 2014 in the United States.

The Milli Vanilli controversy made a great realization to the people including the people around it. There revelations made in this industry remain as a part of the history and a lesson to learn by all people in this world.

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