Patti Ann Brown Cleavage Controversy


As unprofessional as it may sound, there really is a Patti Ann Brown Cleavage Controversy, which has been constantly discussed by people over the years. First, learn more about Patti Ann Brown – She is a Fox News Channel Anchor, the Fox’s twenty four hour news network that is being viewed across the different parts of the globe. FNC is considered the number one news network. Patti Ann has been working with FNC since 2000 August. She appears every day in ‘Happening Now’ when she is not doing some substitute hosting works on other TV shows.

About The Controversy

Now, talking about the Patti Ann Brown Cleavage Controversy is something. Yes, women’s breasts are being idealized as the symbol of motherhood and femininity. They have actually held great psychological and social significance as an object drawing gazes as well as an image of self-worth being measured against idealized form.

Lots and lots of people have been talking about Patti Ann Brown Cleavage controversy and its effect on people especially that she is indeed a new anchor appearing on television. She is no doubt a figure that is being idolized by many does people really believe that she should definitely act as a role model. But when it comes to the cleavage controversy that Patti Ann Brown is facing, different discussions are being discussed and this in turn resulted to a lot of debates.

More Information

Patti Ann Brown attire showing off her cleavage led people to criticize her choice of attire. Though some may consider it as self-expression but others can’t help but to give negative feedback regarding this matter. People are expressing great disappointment in terms of this cleavage controversy that Patti Ann is facing and this in turn highlights the unfortunate difference between how female and male individuals are being viewed and treated.

Some people don’t understand why there is a Patti Ann Brown Cleavage controversy but people especially in the professional field have different perceptions and beliefs regarding the right manner of clothing yourself in front of the public most especially when you are a public figure. The fact that Patti Ann is a popular news anchor from a big news network; she is expected by many people to come out to the public every day with a professional look, expressing his dignity. But because of her quite sexy attire when she’s being broadcasting online, she has gained a lot of criticisms from people which also made her look unprofessional to some people.


Though others believe that showing off your cleavage has no intentional negative meaning, not all will understand how you explain yourself and not all will understand your belief in a sensitive topic like this. This is the case for Patti Ann Brown. Whether or not she intentionally dresses like that to draw attention from the media, the matter is being taken in different levels of acceptance that no one can change. Whether you are in favor of the Patti Ann Brown Cleavage controversy or not, others’ understanding of the matter will not be changed easily.