Hank Hanegraaff Controversy

Hank Hanegraaff Controversy

Do you know about Hank Hanegraaff? Have you heard about the Hank Hanegraaff controversy? You probably have. Well, most of you may have heard about him – he is the president of the CRI or Christian Research Institute assuming the position after Walter Martin died. He is also the host of a radio broadcast entitled ‘Bible Answer Man’. Now, take a look at his personal history as to understand more about the controversy he faces.

Hank Hangraaff History

Hank Hangraaff is from the Netherlands but he was raised in the US specifically in Christian Reformed Church. He has gotten his faith by examining scientific evidences of creation, resurrection of Jesus Christ, and even the Scripture. He was disciplined under Dr. D. James Kennedy ministry, holding important positions in many church programs. He was ordained by Calvary Chapel’s Chuck Smith in California. In the year 1989, he succeeded Mr. Walter Martin as the president of Christian Research Institute.

Hank Hangraaff is popularly known for his particular belief that the ‘Biblical inerrancy’ can actually be proved on rational basis. Aside from that, he is also an obvious opponent and anti-believer of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Word of Faith, and Mormons – which he describes and believes as ‘pseudo-Christian cults’. Questioning the reality and validity of some religious practices and beliefs has resulted to debates and controversy for Hank, most especially with his fellow Christians. On his books like Counterfeit Revival and his own radio program, for instance, he has openly criticized some charismatic movements such as Toronto Blessing as dangerous and unbiblical. This in turn has drawn angst and opposition from various leaders who also openly disagree with all his assessments, which include attacks on legal battles and credibility.

Understanding What The Controversy Is About

THank Hangraaff’s qualifications and credentials for his current position as well as his right in assuming it have always been a subject of debates and controversy throughout the years. This is most notable with Dr. Walter Martin’s family.

Why is it that his credentials and qualifications are being questioned and doubted by many? This is because Hank Hangraaff doesn’t actually have formal training when it comes to the Bible and he also doesn’t possess a theology degree. Now, when you searched the internet about Hank Hangraaff, you will discover lots of critical postings made by Martin family. All of this is about Hank Hangraaff controversy especially his association and involvement in the Christian Research Institute.

What do people usually say about him? Hank Hangraaff of the CRI is employed with a staff, which is responsible for getting him answers. This makes him quite credible on lots of biblical topics. However, when he himself goes in certain parts of theology, it is obvious that he is lacking in biblical understanding. Some people consider that Hank Hangraaff is a mocker and that he is against those people declaring the coming of Christ, not to mention that Hank also has questionable issues in his character. Just by typing his name on Google, you will be able to find out lots of negative things about Hank Hangraaff.

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